Session 1 – Introduction to Nutrition and Using Canada’s Food Guide


·        Nutritional Aspects of Successful Aging

·        Risk Factors for Poor Nutritional Health

·        Healthy Food Choices for Successful Aging

·        Six Basic Nutrients Required for Good Health

·        Key Messages of the Canada Food Guide

·        Examples of Serving Sizes

·        Planning Meals Using Canada’s Food Guide To Healthy Eating

·        Determine Your Food Habits With A Food Diary



Session 2 – Decreasing the Fat and Increasing the Fibre


·        Guidelines Related to Reducing the Fat

·        Types of Dietary Fat

·        Types of Dietary Fibre

·        Finding the Fat and Fibre in Food

·        Healthy Eating Out

·        Tips on Reducing the Fat in Your Diet

·        Tips on Increasing the Fibre in Your Diet



Session 3 – Maintaining a Healthy Weight


·        Maintaining a Healthy Weight

·        What is a Healthy Weight?

·        Having a Healthy Body Image

·        Fad Diet Pitfalls

·       The Healthy Way to Weight Management

·        The Healthy Way to Gain Weight



Session 4  –  Dietary Supplements and Drug-Nutrient Interactions


·        Dietary Supplements – What Are They and Why Should I Be Concerned?

·        When Are Dietary Supplements Necessary?

·        The Truths and Myths of Herbal Products

·        When and How to Take Your Medication



Session 5 – Shopping Tips and Food Safety


·        Importance of Shopping Tips and Food Safety

·        Using Food Labels to Make Healthy Choices

·        Shopping Strategies for at Home and at the Store

·        Shopping Strategies for Types of Food

·       Cooking for One or Two

·        Preparing and Storing Food Safely




Links to Nutrition-Related Websites