Stress-Related Conditions


If we donít have to run or fight like our caveman/cavewoman ancestors, the fight or flight chemicals donít serve their original purpose. They can have and will have a negative effect on your body. So while you stand at the check-out feeling angry and frustrated, or you fume at your spouse for leaving clothes on the floor, or you bellow at the grand children repeatedly to turn down the TV, or you lose it because the dog tracked mud over the carpet -we promise you - you are not doing your system any good. When these chemical reactions - like the adrenalin flowing- happen often, we can easily develop stress related diseases and complaints. There are many, many conditions likely caused by stress.


Far too many of us suffer from things like:


        heart disease

        chronic fatigue

        anxiety attacks

        mood swings

        psychological distress


        sleep problems

        high blood pressure

        eating disorders

        peptic ulcers

        poor immune function

        chronic pain







        smoking-related respiratory aliments


Medical research is seeing a direct link between diseases and stress. Some estimates say 40 - 80% of all visits to doctors may be directly related to stress. Ask yourself, where do you fit in this picture? Do you have illnesses or conditions brought on by stress or made worse by it?







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